feeling sick and yoga

topic posted Wed, February 1, 2006 - 9:56 PM by  winterbamboo
what do you think of feeling ill, like hot, sweaty, achy and
just generally under the weather and going to
a hot yoga session?
i've been going while feelings this way because
i think it's going to make me feel better.

but actually, i don't feel better. i feel like it brings on the
illness more.
and i'm not sure if i'm making it worse, or speeding up the healing process.
and i don't want to stop going.

stubbornly sick,

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    i tried to go to a class with a fever thinking i might do myself some good. my friend and teacher was actually a little surprised and unhappy and told me NOT to come to yoga when i feel this way.

    let nature's sauna do its work for you and then get back to yoga when the fever is gone.
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      I agree with Kimmie, your body is in a pitch battle with something inside. Going to hot yoga is going to weaken it. If anything, do the resting postures with plenty of fluids. If it doesn't go away. Go see your MD.


      • or if you need teh sauna to help you rbody fighting.. go to a sauna only

        Hot yoga is very demanding on the body.. teh physical postures and also the intense heat..

        try a little of one or the other.. or spend a few days of rest

        you did nto mention how often you usually do this yoga and if you are staying home from work.. Much depends on your current status.
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    <--- wouldn't do a "hot yoga" session feeling well
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      i personally can't take bikram classes b/c i just can' i def wouldn't do that practice when ill...........however, i see nothing wrong with doing a gentle flow b/c i think it actually helps to rid the body of the illness..........thats just my exp and 2cents.........peace, breath
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    Ask someone who practices hot yoga if they have parcticed when they are sick and how it affected them. Did it make them better or worse. You are getting answers from people who don't practice hot yoga or Bikram and who are biased. Expert opinions lik e hot yoga will only make you sicker by peole who have no expertise to make those kinds of calls. " your body is in a pitch battle with something inside. Going to hot yoga is going to weaken it." (opinion), "personally can't take bikram classes b/c i just can' i def wouldn't do that practice" (opinion+bias),"however, i see nothing wrong with doing a gentle flow " (whatever!)
    Im think it depends on the individual but the only way to find out is ask people who have done it or listen to your own body. you are saying it's making you feel worse. That probably is your best answer.
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      i actually came across a yoga book that said to practice a gentle flow when feeling ill.........i myself have been ill and found that the best flow to practice is a gentle hatha yoga flow..............peace, breath
      • When you are feeling sick, especially with a fever, is no time to push your body, period. Not in heat, not in physical exertion.

        If it feels right, gentle hatha yes. Especially toxicity-removing twists. GENTLY.

        Always with lots of fluids.

        DON'T push yourself. If you are feeling off from any movement; if so, stop moving.
  • I've spoken with a couple of Bikram-style yogis who have reported success with attempting to fend off a cold with continuing practice... but most people, myself included, have experienced unpleasant results from doing so. I've tried it a few times and each time it felt like it drove the illness inward, deeper where it lingers longer. Getting plenty of sleep and swimming in echinacea appears to be my best defense at the early stages. Later, after the peak of the illness has passed, resuming practice builds strength and gets my energy back up.
    • I tried doing some yoga stretches with a mild migraine once,..unfortunately, got worse:-(

      Listen to your body,..if it's sick then so be it,..relax and take care of it, plain and simple.

      P.S. I'm a stubborn sort too, but have learned my lesson here for a change.
      • There is a difference between the onset of an illness, and a full blown cold, flu, or whatever. One of the classic reccommendations from some asian medical traditions for when one contracts a cold wind is to induce sweating a nice way to do this can be through movement practices, or a hot bath, or an herbal linament.... hot yoga might do the trick, but considering that most of the hot yoga practices are heavy-duty vinayasa practices, that's probably way to much for the body to handle during a time of weakness.

        After an illness has invaded to the point where one is weak, coughing, runny nose, headache, fever, or whatever symptoms.. it is time to let the body rest until one begins to feel well again.

        Also, according to asian medicine, you want to avoid heating therapies if the illness contracted is of a hot nature (i.e. fever, sweating, lot's of thick mucus of a yellow or green colour) - as more heat would just make the problem worse.

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